National / Global Officers

There are several people who provide support to The Hidden Parlor on a club-wide level.


Board of Directors

Current Board Members

Jessica Karels, President (

Jessica has been a member of the live action role-playing (LARP) community for over 15 years. During this time she held many administrative and leadership roles. Her support of the fandom community extends to CONvergence – an annual science fiction/fandom convention – where she helps oversee the care and feeding of hundreds of hungry volunteers. When not trying to save the world (one geek at a time), she portrays her Child of Gaia at the local werewolf LARP (The Last Stand: part of The Garou Nation), plays 16-bit video games, and tends to her three cats (Pirate, Ninja, and Doc Holliday)



James “Jim” Lucky, Vice President (

Jim Lucky’s true origins are unknown but the earliest known record of him is on a whaling ship with an obsessed captain. Sadly the whale the Captain sought had been bitten by a radioactive spider, giving it super powers and allowing it to quickly destroy the ship upon their meeting. Having drifted on the wreckage for many miles back to shore he was adopted by a rather portly man with a foul attitude and made to live under the stairs in his home. It was here he stayed for some time until he was accepted into a mysterious British school of magic and he began training there.

His stay here was also short lived as when he was in a duel with another student who outclassed him in the art Jim simply produced a pistol and shot his opponent in the wand arm. There was shock as no one had ever even thought to bring a firearm to a magical duel (much Jim’s surprise, which he commented only “Seriously? No one ever thought about it?”). The school was unable to find any rule against the action (having never considered it) but he was still asked politely to leave.

Mounting his serpentine dragon of good fortune he rode it to Sacramento CA where decided to relax from his real adventures and partake in a few fictitious ones. For over 14 years now Jim has been involved in the role-playing and LARP community there, participating in a very wide array of capacities (ST, Player, Writer, and occasional game developer).  Also, he has a bridge to sell you for a reasonable price, email him for additional information!


Mike Mack, Secretary (

Mike has been a member of LARP for 17 years. During which has held both admin and storyteller roles. Currently managing a construction crew while enjoying zombie movies and post apocalyptic games. He enjoys play testing and balanced gaming with all types of supernatural creatures.


Rob Bennett, Treasurer (

Rob comes to us with a lifelong love of gaming, puzzles and collaborative storytelling experiences. He cut his teeth LARPing in troupe style games in late 2005 and never left. He loves the gritty feel of a dark world, told from the perspective of hopelessness and despair. Rumor has it, he survives solely on the tears of others…. Na, he’s a good guy and thrives on solving problems and bringing people together. He strives to bring a balanced, fair, and objective set of views and rulings in his magic bag of tricks. (Along with some passable stories and moderately entertaining antics)


Casey Corbin, Oversight (

Casey has enjoyed the role-playing world since the mid 80s, with his first experience in the World of Darkness in 1994. ​The majority of his World of Darkness experience has been in the Mind’s Eye Theaters (LARP) setting to include each of the different venues. He has held Administrative and ST positions in Larping organizations from the Local to the National levels and looks forward to using his experience to the betterment of the Hidden Parlor however he can.


Assistant to the BoD: Community Engagement Manager

The Community Engagement manager focuses on marketing, new chapter recruitment, and developing member resources.

This role is currently open.


Member Advocacy Team

Member Advocates provide the membership with individuals outside of the officer/Board of Directors structure who can advocate for their needs. Member Advocates are elected by the general membership and serve as a neutral third party for gathering feedback and providing mediation that doesn’t explicitly in the scope of disciplinary investigation. Some members fear reprisal for voicing their concerns to individuals in power, especially if their views are contrary to the status quo.




Jordan Fenty (

Jordan joins us with a professional background in conflict resolution management and mediation. He has certificates in Advocacy and Problem solving, Global Arbitration Law and Practice, and is trained in Dispute Systems Designs. He has provided conflict management services for city leadership around and outside the Saint Paul – Minneapolis, MN Metro area. He plans to leverage this experience to ensure an accessible and fair process to empower those in conflict to voice their concerns, so they can go back to having fun with the game and so that the organization continually learns.


Doug Fitzgerald (

Doug has been a supportive member of The Hidden Parlor since its inception. He initially served as an assistant to the Community Engagement Manager, a role that focuses on marketing and communication. He’s helped the club and his local chapter in dealing with sensitive membership matters. He has over 6 years of customer service experience in the workforce, and leverages those skills to be a voice for player concerns.



National/Global Storyteller

Storytellers use their creative talents to build a common world setting, structure, and narrative for the games in Hidden Parlor.

Current National Storyteller

Position currently open.


Assistants to the National Storyteller

Crystal Chapelle (
Bio Forthcoming…

Mario Medina (
Bio Forthcoming…

David Shuman (

David has a long history of writing and telling stories in multiple role-playing game settings (including the World of Darkness). He has been LARPing for over 12 years, and has run several games on a local level, as well as running tabletop games for 16+ years. As an avid writer, he draws upon his passion for world-building to create immersive, long-term plots that have the potential to connect characters from around the globe.


National/Global Administrator

Administrators handle out­-of­-game logistics and management of the club.

Current National Administrator

Octavian Düm (
Bio Forthcoming


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